Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 222,
Deposit, NY 13754

Our Mission:
The Chamber of Commerce is  a group of businesses in the area  that get together and do things to make the area a better place to live and work. We are also community oriented to help promote tourism.

          photo received from Koo Koose Grille

picture received from Koo Koose Grille 
information received from Kathleen Livingston

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~Chamber of Commerce's monthly meetings are the first Wednesday of each month  at 5:00 pm at The Town of Deposit Town Hall


Feb  5th      Monthly Meeting 5pm

Mar. 4th      Monthly Meeting 5pm

April 1st.    Monthly Meeting 5pm

Apri - TBA  Trout Run 5K

picture received from Koo Koose Grille 

picture received by Koo Koose Grille
information received from Kathleen Livingston

The building in this scene was razed in 1913 for a new structure which was dedicated in 1914 and which now serves as an elementary school.  The one seen here replaced the 'Academy" building, which had been built around 1885 under the direction of Professor Nevius.